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On Sunday, June 29, 2003, Kozarac Parish of the Holy Eucharist celebrated its Praznyk (Feast).

Kozarac is where Fr. Emilian lived with his family and served the area as parish priest for the period 1912 - 1916. Descendants of his parishioners still live in the area and attended this Praznyk. Blessed Bishop Martyr Nykyta Budka also served in Kozarac as a young priest. In 2003, five priests serve the Ukrainian Catholic community in Bosnia.

Located in a beautiful rural setting, Kozarac is just south of Zagreb and west of Banja Luka. It has a mild climate which produces great cherries, pears, apples and plums. With rich soil and a good climate, the rural residents are rebuilding their community after the terrible slaughter of 1992-1995. Many hundreds from this community now live in Canada.

Emil Baran, a grandson of Blessed Emilian, had the opportunity to participate in the events of the day and has supplied the following photographs. Click to view larger size photo.

The marker of the original Kozarac church

The cemetery

Praznyk inside the church

The Kozarac church today



The white building is the rectory. Fr. Emilian

lived here with his family. A photo from that era is shown on page 20 of "For God's Truth and Human Rights".

Emil Baran (left) with Kozarac parish priest, Fr. Michael

Emil Baran preparing to say a few words

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