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This page is a collection of events, articles and recollections (religious, personal perspectives, and scholarly) from a variety of online posts honouring Blessed Martyr Fr. Emilian Kowcz.

Article links at the bottom of this page include sites where a search of "Ковч" or "Омелян Ковч" will display many more posts.

Updates and additions are ongoing. Attempts are made to keep links current however, we do not have any control on material deleted or moved from the listed servers.

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2021: Lublin Monument

* March 23; Kyiv/Lublin: A newly constructed monument of Blessed Martyr Emilian Kowcz left Kyiv to be placed in its permanent location in Lublin.
* У Любліні відкриють пам’ятник священнику Омелянові Ковчу.

* Click here for photos, more details and links. (English and Ukrainian text)

* March 25; Lublin: Marks the 77th anniversary of the recorded date of death of Blessed Martyr Emilian Kowcz – Prisoner # 2399 of the Majdanek concentration camp located in Lublin, Poland. A monument to Blessed Emilian Kowcz was unveiled in Lublin. A livestream presentation of a new publication was also held.
* 25 березня 1944 р. загинув у таборі смерті "Майданек" о.Омелян Ковч - греко-католицький священик, але в першу чергу Людина, яка служить взірцем для усіх поколінь. На Дорозі мучеників Майданека у польському Любліні 25 березня встановили пам’ятник видатному українському гуманісту, блаженному священномученику отцю Омеляну Ковчу, відомому як «парох концтабору Майданек».
* Click here for photos of the day, more details and links. (English and Ukrainian text)

Ukrinform reported on the day and included a YouTube post of unloading and placement of the monument.
* Укрінформ: Встановили пам’ятник.
* Click here to read article (Ukrainian).
* Click here to watch the video unloading the monument - less than 4 minutes.

Over the past few days there have been many news articles posted relating to Fr. Emilian, his death on this day in 1944, and the monument. This file contains two articles summarizing the life of Blessed Martyr Emilian Kowcz. The first is compiled by, an information portal of pastoral and social ministry of chaplains of the Lviv Archdiocese of the UGCC. The second by platform. Source links are included.
* Свщмч. Омелян Ковч — священик концтабору Майданек - Його життя.
* Click here to read the articles. (Ukrainian text)

5 Kanal TV, in Ukraine, reported on the day.
5 Канал - Легендарному українському священику Омеляну Ковчу відкрили пам’ятник у Польщі
* Click here to watch (Ukrainian) - less than 4 minutes, on Youtube.

2019: Tributes & Services; Pilgrimages; 8th Kowcz Award; Chapel naming; 4th Clergy Soccer Tournament
This year marks the 135th anniversary of the birth of Blessed Martyr Emilian, and the 75th anniversary of his death.
Many articles were published by various sources, and special events were held throughout the year. These can be found by searching variations of Blessed Emilian's name (Ukrainian and English) in a search engine. Links to a few key articles and events are shown below.

* February 13; Radio Svoboda, Ukraine: Radio Svoboda article details known and unknown details about the life of Fr Emilian. The article includes images not previusly published.
«Тут я бачу Бога» – священик Еміліан Ковч, який був в ОУН і рятував євреїв, про концтабір Майданек.

Click here to read article (Ukrainian).

* February 13; Lutsk, Ukraine: On the occasion of their pilgrimage, Blessed Emilian was commemorated. The theme was «Мій володар — Христос, і я буду йому вірний». (‘My Lord – Christ, and I will be faithful to Him’)
* У Луцьку з нагоди Дня богопосвячених осіб відбулася Всеукраїнська проща монашества Української греко-католицької церкви.

* Click here to read article (Ukrainian).

* February 22; Lublin-Majdanek, Poland: Ukraine's President Petro Poroshenko met with the Ukrainian community in Lublin and visited the Majdanek Memorial where he paid tribute to the victims of struggle and martyrdom and laid a wreath. He also laid the foundation for a future monument to the Righteous of Ukraine, Fr Emilian Kowcz. Poroshenko reported that: ...Fr Emilian constantly challenged two criminal ideologies that left a tragic footprint in the XX century. Soviet Communism and German Nazism destroyed and crushed the cultural and civilizational lands of Europe...
* Порошенко вшанував пам'ять мучеників концтаборів у польському музеї "Майданек".

* Click here for a summary and photos (Ukrainian).

* March 25; Lviv, Ukraine: A Memorial Panakhyda service was held at 1:00pm at Lontskyi Street Prison in Lviv - where Fr Emilian was held 1942-1943, prior to being shipped to Majdanek.

* Click here to read article (Ukrainian).

In Kyiv, The UGCC acknowledged the 75 anniversary of the martyrdom of Blessed Emilian with a special Liturgy.
* В УГКЦ відзначають 75-ті роковини мученицької смерті блаженного Омеляна Ковча — пароха Майданека.

* Click here to read article (Ukrainian), view photos of the event and, listen to the homily given by His Beatitude Sviatoslav.

Catholic News printed a biographical summary which includes comments by several individuals, including religious and scholars, who are familiar with the life and death of Blessed Emilian.
* Штрихи до портрету блаженного Омеляна Ковча.

* Click here to read the article and reflections (Ukrainian)

* March 27; Kyiv, Ukraine: Four Ukrainian military chaplains of different denominations are awarded the 8th Blessed Omelian Kowcz Award for their outstanding humanitarian contribution.
2019 recipients are: Fr Ivan Isaevich, Fr Yuri Kazmirenko, Fr Pavlo Horcharuk, and Fr Vasyl Khimich.
His Beatitude Sviatoslav was among the celebrants at the National Opera House.
*Четверо українських військових капеланів різних Церков стали лауреатами Відзнаки імені отця Омеляна Ковча.

*Click here to read (Ukrainian) about the event.

During this event the vocal art project "The Lamb of God" was presented by the Telnyuk sisters. This lyrical performance, dedicated to military chaplaincy, included works on the lyrics of Bogdan-Igor Antonich, Taras Shevchenko, Galina Telnyuk, Paul Celan, Pope John Paul II. Music by Lesya Telnyuk. Arrangement by Alexei Bazhenov. The project took place with the participation of the National Presidential Orchestra of Ukraine and the Chamber Choir.
* Click here to listen (Ukrainian) - 50 minutes, on Youtube.

* April 25; UGCC, Ukraine: 'A Priest is a servant of God and spiritual leader of their parish.' These are the opening words of an article released by the UGCC on the occasion of Holy Thursday. The article lists a few points from the book written by Fr Emilian in 1932 «Чому наші від нас утікають?» - Why are our faithful leaving?
* «Священик не є ані урядовцем, ані господарем, а Божим слугою і духовним отцем парафії», «Чому наші від нас утікають?» – блаженний Омелян Ковч про священство.

* Click here to read article (Ukrainian).

The original book written in 1932 has been re-printed and is available through
* До 135-річчя з дня народження блаженного священномученика, пропонують осучаснене видання праці “Чому наші від нас утікають”.

* Click here to review this new edition. (Ukrainian)

* May 22; Peremyshlyany, Ukraine: Marking the 10th anniversary pilgrimage, Живе Телебачення (Live TV) broadcast the Divine Liturgy from the church of St Volodymyr and Blessed Martyr Emilian Kowcz, and the Pilgrimage which included St Nicholas Church and the monument to Blessed Emilian. Lead by His Beatitude Sviatoslav, this prayful event was witnessed by dozens of clergy and hundreds of faithful. The entire event (2 hrs 20 mins) is available on YouTube.
* Архиєрейська Божественна Літургія у храмі св. Володимира і блжн. мчн. Омеляна Ковча

* Click here to view.

Блаженніший Святослав у Перемишлянах: «Моліться за священиків, бо їм важливо відчути любов та підтримку мирян»
* The UGCC official news release of this event can be found here:
* Click here to read (Ukrainian) and view His Beatitude's homily as well as the YouTube link to the entire service.

Local TV also reported on the event. Click here to view (Ukrainian).

* June 15; Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada: Young adults gathered for a pilgrimate dedicated to Blessed Martyr Omelyan Kovch at the Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral of St George to the Chapel at St Volodymyr Park, 25 km away. They shared a day of prayer and celebration of the unity of God's children. One session presented in the Cathedral included a few words from Nissa Baran who spoke about what it like to be a great-grandaugher of Blessed Emilian.
* Click here to read (English) about the walk and view a photo gallery of the day.

* June 22-23; Peremyshliany & Univ, Ukraine: A pilgrimage, with the theme of confronting evil and humanity, reflected on the dignity of a person in the image and likeness of God. Participants included prison guards and chaplains; as well as children from a Peremyshliany comprehensive school.
* 22-23 червня 2019 року відбулося ХІ Паломництво працівників Державної кримінально-виконавчої служби і пробації до Перемишлян і Унева.
* Click here to read (Ukrainian) about the pilgrimage.

* Photo Gallery of the two day event.

* August 20; Kosmach, Ukraine: This Carpathian village celebrates the memory of Blessed Emilian, who was born there in 1884. A Divine Liturgy was held, a special icon was blessed, as was a chapel named in his honour.
* У Космачі відзначили 135-річчя від дня народження священомученика Омеляна Ковча.
* Click here to read (Ukrainian) about this special dedication and view a photo gallery of the day.

* August 23; Lviv News Portal, Ukraine: On the occasion of the 135th anniversary, information and photographs are included on this news site.
* Ковч - Польовий духівник УГА; Проти полонізації Українців; Показував не лише приклад християнської любові...
* Click here to read this article (Ukrainian).

* September 24; Ternopil, Ukraine: The 4th UGCC Clergy soccer mini tournament, in the name of Blessed Emilian - the patron of UGCC clergy, is held. 100 priests participated. Priests of the Stryi Eparchy won the competition. 2nd went to Lviv Archeparchy. 3rd to Ivano Frankivsk Eparchy.
* Всеукраїнський турнір з міні-футболу серед священників проводять на честь блаженного священномученика Омеляна Ковча.
* Click here to read (Ukrainian) about this event, view photos and news report.

* October 17; Lordes, France: Metropolitan Archbishop of Philadelphia, Boris Gudziak, also a church historian, prepared a report for the Western European clergy conference about Blessed Emilian, how he lived his life, relating to how it is still relative and a good example for today. The theme of the conference was union of the church, family and community.
* «Парох Майданека»: Доповідь митрополита Бориса Ґудзяка на семінарі священників Західної Європи в Люрді.
* Click here to read (Ukrainian)

* November 24; Lviv and Коломия: At St George Cathedral, Lviv, a new Akafist prayer was offered. Text: Fr Nazar Zatorskay; Music composer: Sister Maria Sleypchenko.
* У Соборі святого Юра виконають акафіст до блаженного Омеляна Ковча

* Click here to read the announcement (Ukrainian).
* View event photos on Facebook.

In Kolomyea land was blessed for a new church which will be named in honour of Blessed Martyr Emilian Kowcz.
*У Коломиї освятили місце для будівництва нового храму
* Article (Ukrainian) and photos.

* December 1; Ukraine: Posted a video about Fr. Emilian. Included various interviews.
* Еспресо.тв - Він віднайшов для себе рай у пеклі на землі. Грекокатолицький священик та капелан Української галицької армії, який ціною власного життя врятував сотні євреїв. Та за що насправді Омеляна Ковча запроторили до табору смерті і чому отець свідомо відмовився від шансу на порятунок?
* Click here to watch on YouTube (Ukrainian) - apx 25 minute movie with interviews followed by Espreso discussion. Total apx 1 1/2 hour.

2018: Omelyan Kovch Award; Lublin plans a monument; Museum display; Sharing information with the faithful

* January 27; Rome: A recording of the live broadcast of the Liturgical service celebrated by His Beatitude Sviatoslav, and awards presentation of the 7th Blessed Omelian Kowcz Award.
2018 recipients included: Brigitta Weber (German philanthropist), Oksana Zabuzhko (Ukrainian writer and philosopher), Jana Zinkiewicz (medical volunteer), Timothy David Snyder (American historian), Jan Tombinski (Polish and European diplomat), Cardinal Pankrolit (diplomat, Secretary of State of the Holy See)
Вручення Відзнаки блаженного священномученика Омеляна Ковча.

Click here to view (Ukrainian) the recording by Живе Телебачення (Live TV).

* Lublin, Poland: A monument is designed to be installed near the cemetery, not far from the Majdanek concentration camp.

Click herefor the article (Polish).

* March 7; Lviv: The religious history museum opens a display of items of significance. One of the speakers was Vasyl Matseliuk, the son of one of Blessed Emilian's brothers. Mykola Kostiv is the writer of the icon.
У Музеї історії релігії презентували виставку «Слідами блаженного отця Омеляна»

Click here to view photos and read about the display(Ukrainian). Photo Lviv post... ...Prostir Museum post.

* June 11; Lviv Radio: An interview with research journalist Victoria Sadova posted to YouTube. A series of photos are included.
Про Блаженного Священномученика, Львівське радіо говорить з журналістом, дослідницею Вікторією Садовою.

Click here to view the photos and listen to the interview (Ukrainian).

2017: English Bio; Prayers at Lonski Street Prison; Majdanek film; Biographical book published

* March 23: A fairly detailed summary about the life of Blessed Emilian published by the Catholic news site Aleteia.

Click here to read article (English).

* March 25; Lviv: A Moleben service is held at the wall of Lonski Street Prison on the anniversary of the martyrdom of Blessed Emilian.
«Тюрма на Лонцького». Лелеки кружляли над іконою мученика, який рятував євреїв

Click here for photos and to read article (Ukrainian).

* April 27: STV Studio, Ukraine, produced a video about the camp at Majdanek, referencing the death of Blessed Emilian which took place there, at the hands of the Nazis. Hundreds attended the special service held at the camp with the message to understand and never forget.

Відео. Фабрика смерті - Гітлерівський концентраційний табір "Майданек". У часи Другої світової війни тут загинуло 300-360 тис. людей. Їхній прах був як гумус для вирощування їжі тим хто ще жив. Також загинув український священик о.Омелян Ковч. Що ж ми українці робимо для того, щоб давно забуте старе не стало новим сьогоденням?

Click here to view the documentary on YouTube (Ukrainian). CAUTION: This video contains graphic images of the victims of the camp which can be disturbing.

* Kyiv. A comprehensive book is published about the life of Blessed Emilian; where he lived and served. It contains an opening by His Beatitude Sviatoslav and many original archival and contemporary photos. This publication was made possible through the direction and funding of the Committee Honouring the Memory of Blessed Emilian.
"Ковчег отця Ковча" Видання розповідає про життя та діяльність священника Української греко-католицької церкви Омеляна Ковча, який був учнем та сподвижником митрополита Андрея Шептицького.

Click here to read the entire book (Ukrainian).

Письменник Олег Крук: «Ковчег отця Ковча» – перший життєпис про Блаженного Священномученика. Дізнайтеся більше про цю величну постать і Ваше життя зміниться».


2015: Pilgrimage; Omelian Kovch Award

* March 27: Nash Holos Ukrainian Roots Radio clip reported by the Ukrainian Jewish Heritage Museum in Lviv.

Click here to hear the 5 minute audiofile and read the transcript (both in English).

* May 13: Peremyshliany, Ukraine. A brief news clip about the pilgrimage observing the 6th anniversary of the naming as a Blessed for Fr Emilian and the 150th anniversary of the birth of Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky.
4-та всеукраїнська проща духовенства відбулась в Перемишлянах. Тут понад 10 років душпастирем був блаженний о. Омеліян Ковч – покровитель священиків. Відзначенню 6-ої річниці проголошення його блаженним та 150-річниці від дня народження митрополита Андрея Шептицького була присвячена цьогорічна проща.

Click here to watch the clip on YouTube (Ukrainian).

* October 28: Kyiv. The NGO Israeli Friends of Ukraine will be a recipient of the 2015 Omelyan Kovch Award - at the 5th annual presentation.

Click here to read article (English).

2014: Informative Bio

* May 5: A life and times article by RISU - the Religious Information Service of Ukraine. Included photos.
Проводжав у вічність в’язнів Майданека. «Кожен з вас знає свої обов’язки. Щодо мене, я не можу у своїй совісті бути нечесним».

Click here to read article (Ukrainian).

2013: His Beatitude Sviatoslav Visits Majdanek

* June 27; Majdanek: The head of the UGCC visits the State Museum of Majdanek where a wreath was laid and candles lit to pay homage to the murdered. The obelisk commemorating Blessed Emilian was also visited.
Click here to read (English) and view images of the occasion.

2012: Reflections; Exhibition

* May 12: RISU posts an excellent article written by church historian Rev. Borys Gudziak (Update 2019:Metropolitan Archbishop of the Ukrainian Catholic Archeparchy of Philadelphia) which is an abstract of a speech he gave at Madrid February 23, 2010. He reflects on the life of Blessed Emilian and how the Ukrainian Greek Catholic church, under the heirarchy of Metropolitan Andrei Sheptytsky, fought the atrocities being committed by the Nazis against the Jews and the local population.

Click here to read article (English).

* June 27: Lviv. The Lviv Museum of Religious History exhibit "Those Who Saved the World," which tells of the Jewish rescue operation by the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church during World War II.
Львівський музей історії релігії представив виставку «Ті, що рятували cвіт», яка розповідає про акцію порятунку євреїв Українською греко-католицькою церквою в роки Другої світової війни.

Click here to read article (Ukrainian) and view a collection of photos from the exhibit.

* June 18: Journalist Taras Alberda summarizes the life of Fr Emilian and the honours given him in recent years.

Click here to read article (Ukrainian).

2011: Tribute

* March 29: Sestra C posted a brief summary with a prayer as a personal tribute to Blessed Emilian. Compiled by SSMI, Toronto.

Click here to view the YouTube post (English).

2010: 1st Monument and naming of church at Peremyshliany

* August 19: Peremyshliany, Ukraine. The 1st monument to Blessed Emilian is dedicated.
Перший пам’ятник о. Омеляну Ковчу в Україні буде встановлено в Стрийській єпархії.

Click here to read the article (Ukrainian). Unfortunately, the photos from the event have not transferred to the new site location of this article.

* August 22: Peremyshliany, Ukraine. A new church is named: St Volodymyr and Blessed Martyr Emilian Kowcz.
У Стрийській єпархії створено нову парафію.

Click here to read the article (Ukrainian).

2009: Honours at Majdanek; Kowcz Named 'Patron of Priests' of UGCC; Reflections from Canada

* Janna Kovba wrote a detailed reflection of the life of Blessed Emilian.
Жанна Ковба - Парох Перемишлян і Майданека.

Click here to read the detailed article (Ukrainian).

* March 3: Lublin, Poland. At the Majdanek Museum there was a gathering to honour Blessed Emilian on the occassion of the 65th anniversary of his death. At this time, the obelisk was unveiled and ashes from the monument are shared with the spiritual leaders.
У музеї в Майданеку відбулось вшанування з нагоди 65-річчя мученицької смерті.

Click here to view text and photos of the Zaxid, internet news service in Lviv, article (Ukrainian). Note: There is a lot of advertising on this page

* March 26: Lublin, Poland. Prisoner 2399: Pastor of Majdanek - The significance of Blessed Emilian in Lublin today. A commentary.

Нинішній знак присутності блаженного о. О. Ковча в Любліні. Вязень 2399: парох Майданека.
Click here to read the article. (Ukrainian).

* April 24: The Synod of Bishops of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church solemnly proclaim Blessed Priest-martyr Emilian Kowcz as "Patron of Priests" of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church. On this, Fr Borys Gudziak, on May 11, 2012 wrote: "Until his beatification in 2001 Fr. Omelian Kovch was virtually unknown but today his example gives priests, faithful, and all persons of good will much to contemplate and pray over."
Click here to read the news release. (English).

* September; Winnipeg, Canada: The Winnipeg Free Press spoke with one of Blessed Emilian's grandsons, Fr Taras Kowch about family. Holocaust survivor Rubin Pezim reflects on meeting Fr Emilian.
Click here to read 'Hero Priest of Majdanek' (English).
They also spoke with Fr Taras and Holocaust survivor Rabbi Peretz Weizman in August, 2008. Click here to read 'Boundless Faith' (English).

2006: Documentary Film shown in Lviv; Pilgrimage; Prayers

* October 14; Lviv: The film "Parish Priest of Majdanek" is shown for the first time in Ukraine at Kinopalats cinema in Lviv, October 14, 2006.
Презентація фільму "Парох Майданка" про бл. о.Омеляна Ковча, реж.Г.Лінковскі.
Kyiv: Channel 5 news commentary
with comments by H.Linkovski, L.Finberg, M.Salamaxa and S.Vakarchuk. (Ukrainian)

* Majdanek: Pilgrimage is held in Blessed Emilian's name to Majdanek Concentration Camp

* September 22; Majdanek: Ukrainian Catholic Divine Liturgy celebrated at Majdanek

        Modlitwa kaplanow z Ukrainu i Polski - Majdanek 22.IX.2006

Clergy from Poland and Ukraine prayed for reconciliation between both nations, reflecting on the efforts of Blessed Emilian Kowcz to give testimony of truth and love in the conditions of lawlessness and hostility towards people.

* A power point slide presentation was prepared for the documentary film 'Parish Priest of Majdanek'.

Click here to view. All photos by Dariusz Kostecki.

2005: Documentary Film; Pilgrimage

* Lublin, Poland: In 2005 a documentary film about Fr. Kowcz was produced by Link Art Film for The Polish TV Co. Channel 1. "Proboszcz Majdanka - Parish Priest of Majdanek" debuted in Lublin, Poland and has since been shown in other places and various film festivals.

The film's story as explained at the Los Angeles Annual Polish Film Festival: " This film portrays the unusual figure of Father Emilian Kowcz - A Greek Catholic priest, pronounced blessed by Pope John Paul II During his visit to Lviv. This priest was active in the underground during the time of occupation by two totalitarian regimes: Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany. He often found himself in the midst of quarrelling Polish, Ukrainian and Jewish neighbors. The life of Father Kowcz, his work and martyrdom provide a unique opportunity to bring together these different cultures (Ukrainian, Polish and Jewish). He died in Majdanek in 1944 - sharing the fate of many thousands put to death in the gas chambers of the camp."

Click here to link to Youtube site of this Polish film with Ukrainian subtitles.

* May 14; Peremyshlyany: Chicago Cardinal Francis George participated in the annual Pilgrimage through Peremyshliany to Univ. In his sermon he spoke that the example of Blessed Emilian teaches us not to fear, for the Lord is with us.
Click here
to read (English).

The Ukrainian Catholic Newsletter, Winter 2006 reported on Cardinal George's visit.
Click here, and see page 6 of this PDF file.

2004: Pilgrimage; Europe's Borders Conference; Street Dedication

* May 15; Peremyshlyany, (Lviv) Ukraine: During the 11th youth pilgrimage to the Unyiv Lavra (Monastery) of the Holy Ascension celebrations were held to honour Blessed Martyr Emilian. His Beatitude Lubomyr celebrated Pontifical Divine Liturgy when the pilgrimage of more than 1000 pilgrims came to end on May 16.

Click here to read an article reprinted from St Joseph's Home Journal about the pilgrimage and to see photos. (English & Ukrainian).

* February 17; Lublin, Poland: Ukrainian, Polish and Jewish scholars participated in a conference, “Europe’s Borders,” dedicated to the commemoration of the martyred Fr. Emilian Kowcz.

* February 18: The commemoration in Lublin continued with the dedication of a street intersection to Fr. Kowcz, who was beatified by Pope John Paul II in 2001. The ceremony then moved to Majdanek, where an ecumenical prayer service was held. The commemoration culminated in a Divine Liturgy celebrated by Cardinal Husar together with the Greek and Roman Catholic clergy in Lublin. (Information from UGCC Article:670) The photo gallery is no longer available online. However more information, including photos is available on another page of this site.
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2002: His Beatitude Husar Visits Lublin

* July 20: Cardinal Lubomyr Husar visited St Andrzeja Boboli Parish (Parafia sw. Andrzeja Boboli w Lublinie) this parish to acknowledge the beatification of Fr Emilian. The Divine Liturgy and celebrations are contained in a photo archive.


2001: Papal Visit to Ukraine

* Official Papal visit site:

* June 27: Homily of the Holy Father (in English):

* Vatican schedule of Pastoral Visit to Ukraine:


1999: Righteous of Ukraine

* January 9: The Jewish Council of Ukraine proclaim Fr Emilian Kowcz a "Righteous of Ukraine." Note: This is not the same title as the "Righteous Among the Nations" designation given by Yad Vashem. The Jewish Council of Ukraine was established in October 22, 1988 under the Ukrainian Cultural Fund, Kyiv Society of Culture. (Also, some research indicates the month to have been September, not January)

A volunteer committee of the UGCC maintains a website (Ukrainian) with information about Blessed Emilian. The goal of the Committee Honouring the Memory of Blessed Emilian Kowcz (Комітет із вшанування пам’яті Блаженного Священномученика Омеляна Ковча) is to promote dialogue and understanding regarding inter-ethnic, inter-denominational and inter-religious culture and activities. We are all called to follow the values held by Fr Emilian.

ARTICLES - Various specific to Fr. Emilian, or relating to his life

Search "Ковч" and "Омелян Ковч" on YouTube and the search engines of these sites for a variety of articles.

   * The UGCC Information Resource site specific to observing 'the year of Kowcz' (Ukrainian). Click here to view and search more.
   * The UGCC Eparchy in Stryi, Ukraine, media service (Ukrainian).
   * The Synod of UGCC Bishops (Ukrainian).
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   * Electronic library; many articles are scholarly and can be downloaded (Ukrainian). Чтиво - електронна бібліотека.
   * Дивен Світ religious site (Ukrainian).
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Fr Francis Marsden to the Catholic Times about the life of Fr Emilian:

A Catholic report (in Norwegian):

Saints of the Faith:

Wikipedia (Polish):

Wikipedia (Ukrainian):Омелян (Ковч)

Live Journal (Ukrainian):

Козарац - історії української греко-католицької парафії:

Великоднє Послання - Воскресіння Христове 2002 - Перемишль, Вроцлав:

MISCELLANEOUS - Relative to this site

Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, Information Resource:

Peremyshliany has recently been added to the Pilgrimages in Ukraine route to the Holy Dormition Lavra in Univ:

Peremyshliany - a personal web site with photos:

Majdanek National Museum:

Yad Vashem:

An independent site about Majdanek:

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Emilian, Omelijan, Omelyan, Omelian, Omeljan, Yemelyan

Kovc, Kovch, Kowcz, Kovtch

Throughout this site we try to remain consistent with the use of "Emilian Kowcz" "Еміліян Ковч" as was used by his daughter A.M. Kowcz-Baran in the telling of his life story.

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