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He lived. He was murdered. He left a legacy.

Anna Maria Kowcz-Baran, daughter of Blessed Emilian, was determined to piece together the last months of her father's life. During the last ten years of her own life, she worked with much determination to gather personal family papers and recollections, as well as from those who knew Fr. Emilian throughout his life, including his final days in Majdanek. The book, For God's Truth and Human Rights published in Ukrainian in 1994, was Anna Maria's final gift to her father.

The introduction section from the book is posted here, in Adobe Acrobat format.

To receive a copy of the entire Ukrainian book (in Adobe Acrobat format) please contact : "poshta @"

Contents of this book are for personal use only and reproduction in any form for commercial use is prohibited. Over the years, contents of the original Ukrainian book have been reprinted (in entirety or sections) and distributed in Ukraine without permission by the author or the estate. Additions to the original text written by AM Kowcz-Baran include forwards or information relative to the publishers of the new versions.

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This book is also available in English

An introduction by the translators Emil and Olena Baran:

"The original publication of God’s Truth and Human Rights was the result of growing interest in the life of Father Emilian Kowcz and of the dedicated commitment of his daughter, Anna Maria Kowcz-Baran, to putting his compelling story into print. With his Beatification in 2002 by Pope John-Paul II during the Pope’s visit to Ukraine, the recognition accorded to him by the Ukrainian Jewish community and the rapid renewal of the Ukrainian Catholic Church in an independent Ukraine, interest in his life and times has once again increased, well beyond the limits of Ukrainian language readers, the original language of her publication. It is for this reason and our own deep personal respect for the life of Father Kowcz that we undertook to translate, edit and publish God’s Truth and Human Rights."


Click here to view more of the opening pages of this translation; which also includes an account of the political situation in Ukraine during that time. This intro also includes an English Acknowledgement and Forward by A.M. Kowcz-Baran.


Purchase price for one English book is $10 plus mailing costs. Please contact "poshta @" with orders or inquires. Proceeds from the sale of this book are forwarded to the Anna Maria Kowcz-Baran Endowment Fund managed by Musee Ukraina Museum in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. The Museum also carries copies of the English book for sale.

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We pray to Fr Emilian for interesession before God. The following is a link to a special 'Stations of the Cross' which reflects on the life of Fr Emilian and how it relates to our lives today.
Хресна дорога з Блаженним свщм. Омеляном Ковчем "Тут я бачу Бога". "Скріплюймо нашу віру свідченням мучеників"
Click here to follow the special 'Stations of the Cross' (Ukrainian)

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