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Turtle Lake 2004

This is the year we build the 'accessory' building.

Building- follow the progress!

Leisure - the rest of the summer!


Многая літа дідо! March 30, 2004


Happy 70th birthday Dido!


Because the entire family couldn't be together on Tuesday for Dido's birthday, he treated us all to supper out on Saturday. Then we went back to Baba and Dido's for birthday cake and cheers.


Then, on Tuesday, it was our turn to treat Dido to supper. We barbequed tenderloin and chicken kebabs, added some lemon garlic prawns and all the fixins. Finishing up with more cake and cheers - of course!


Moose Jaw March 14-16, 2004


Sylvia, Theresa & Christine go on spring break.

"Spa-ing" was the highlight (including a detoxifying mud wrap!). A tour of the tunnels of Moose Jaw (lobby shown at right) and a trip to the casino (where Sylvia came out $1.25 ahead) rounded out the fun times!


Winter break at Pike Lake February 17, 2004


Time for the annual Pryma wiener roast at Pike Lake. The weather was beautiful, the park was empty, and we had a great time. At first the kids slid down a ditch with their sleds. Later, we discovered a great hill deep in the trees. Once Marko covered the fallen tree and stump with snow to provide padding (sometimes not enough) it was downhill all the way!