Holubtsi - голубці

Step by step in pictures


Remove as much of the hard cabbage core as possible.



Blanch the whole cabbage head in a large pot of boiling water. Remove leaves as they loosen and become transparent - and almost cooked.


Prepare chopped onions by frying them completely.




The perfect leaf will be transparent and the size of your palm.


And, or course, not torn!





A rounded tablespoon of seasoned sticky rice is sufficient for this size of leaf.





An easy way to make a holobetz is to lay a cabbage leaf flat on a work surface.


Spread the tablespoon of rice out over the entire leaf and roll loosely.





Don't worry if rice squishes out the sides. Stuff it back in.





Instead of rolling the cabbage completely to the end, roll the end flap up towards the holobetz.


Place the rolled holubtsi side by side in a roasting pan to which you have added a small amount of shortening or oil.



Another method of making the cabbage roll is to hold the leaf in one hand, spread the rice out, and then roll.....







Ready for baking!




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